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Cd Manowar - Gods Of War
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MANOWAR is the band known worldwide as the "Kings Of Metal" and they always pledged to create music that is "louder than hell & stronger than steel". The long standing lineup of vocalist Eric Adams, guitarist Karl Logan, drummer Scott Columbus and bassist Joey DeMaio is truly a force to be reckoned within the studio and on stage.

In addition, they are considered the fathers of power metal & true metal style.

The new album "GODS_OF_WAR" is MANOWAR s first entry in a cycle of concept albums; each song is a tribute to a different war god. This album honors Odin and details the history and exploits of this storied character. His power and wisdom were unmatched among the gods and he was paid tribute with human sacrifice on the battlefield, as heard in the song The Sons Of Odin , in the title track Gods Of War and the storytelling The Blood Of Odin . GODS OF WAR brings out the greatest of MANOWAR S musical attributes by utilizing both epic songs and dramatic narratives. In their career MANOWAR has released 9 studio albums, 2 live albums and 5 DVDs with sales of over 9 million records worldwide.
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